Applications Lab

Sisom’s Applications Lab is capable of demonstrating coatings produced by all variations of the SPEED process: Liquid Phase, Vapor Phase and Gel Phase. These multiple processes provide great flexibility for the customer in terms of coating thickness, deposition rate, film quality, and substrate compatibility. We are ready to work with you to demonstrate our processes tailored to your substrate and coating requirements. A wide range of optical, morphological, structural and mechanical characterization techniques are available through our in-house capabilities and our relationship with the Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center (AMPAC) at UCF, Orlando, and the University of Florida – Gainesville.

Toll Coating and Contract Manufacturing

Sisom’s business model is focused on providing solid proof of concept to its customers, licensing of process technology for customer in-house use, and a complete map to reach full-scale manufacturing. Sisom is positioned to provide coating services on a toll-basis for customers on a permanent basis or while the customer assembles the Sisom process technology in-house.

Sample Evaluation

Customers are invited to send property and performance specifications, samples or photos and volume requirements for evaluation by Sisom’s SPEED technology and applications specialists. We will review your needs and respond with an opinion of our ability to meet your performance requirements. Upon further discussion we will provide an estimate of cost-per-unit, cost of ownership and environmental impact of this novel technology for your product.

Joint Development Programs

As part of Sisom’s Applications Lab capabilities and mission, we invite you to discuss ideas for new products and process technologies and to consider programs to develop new intellectual property.